We are working on the next version of Speedy Net

We are working on the next version of Speedy Net, which will be based on Python and Django. And a new app for Speedy Net users – Speedy Match – a new dating/matching app for singles. Speedy Net and Speedy Match will be free software & open source. We expect them to start alpha in six months (around June 2016). We also want to develop a free software webmail platform, Speedy Mail Software, and to convert Speedy Composer to Python and Django.

If you are interested in helping us develop our free software projects, please contact me by email.

Uri Even-Chen, Speedy Net.

Welcome to Speedy Net!

Welcome to Speedy Net! Speedy Net and Speedy Composer are still in alpha, but you can already use Speedy Composer to compose new melodies for you. If you like the compositions, you can make them public and share them with your friends. We are now working on a PC application for Speedy Composer, and also fixing bugs and improving Speedy Net. We hope you will like Speedy Composer and Speedy Net. Please let us know what you think! Click “Contact Us” and send us an email.